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Walking your Path

"Are we physical beings on a spiritual journey? or

Are we spiritual beings on a physical journey?"

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Why the butterfly?

The promise of the Aquarian Age.




Counseling Sessions can be specially helpful for:

  • Understanding complex situations that can feel confusing and difficult to see clearly

  • Touching more of your "truth" in choices involving people, places and life issues.

  • Gaining clarity about what is "true" in your life

  • Understanding energetic aspects of life and self that maybe confusing or troubling

  • Finding a level of stability and truth to guide your choices

In her Counseling Sessions, Rebecca's intention is;

  • to see you as the total, complex person you are in present time.

  • to honor the "truth" of you as "the boss of you". Understanding that only you can find the answers to your life's situations.

With this in mind, Rebecca offers information and insights based on;

  • your questions

  • her intuitive sense of information that she is receiving around your particular question or issue.

Many times our choices in life are simple and yet complex. In an Intuitive Session, Rebecca's intention is to look at and name different aspects in a particular area of your life. This can be very helpful for you in your connection with your "self" in more clearly feeling what is true for you and how to move forward.

Why would you want an Intuitive Counseling session?

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