Intuitive Guidance.

Seeking Light

Support For Your Life Path

Rebecca can shed light on questions and life changes, in person, via phone, or via Skype. Also offers psychic readings - for groups and individuals. Read more...

Stuck in the wrong job? Let Rebecca help point you in the direction of a satisfying fulfillment. Read more....

Rebecca has a grounded space. Classes are small so you can fully explore the different energetic aspects of who you are ("you" meaning "yourself"). As a person working in the world and choosing to include different aspects of who you truly are. Read more....

Office Location

4532 France Ave South

Edina, MN 55410


Bulletin Board

  • ( 9/19/14) the encahanted rock grand on 62 and lindal will be having its fall crystal show a sale beginning tomorrow sept 20 and 11 am

  • Anyone interested in South Dakota rose quartz? John from ZRS fossils will be making a trip to the mine in October.  Please text, email or call Rebecca if interested.

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