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Walking your Path

What Rebecca's Intention is to supply information that maybe helpful to you in making choices. Having things named is very helpful in that you will able to organize around the situation hopefully, in a clearer way. when the information is coming from your honest "body", you will feel and then you will know what is true for you. All sessions are digitally recorded and emailed to you for your convenience. "By seeking to intuitively look" at the entire situation and or entire person, Rebecca seeks to name the separate parts. One of the objective of a session is for you to have more of a "feeling or knowing what maybe true for you".


Rebecca works in person, over the phone, and in Skype. Rebecca works with individual and couples.

The Power of Naming

"Are we physical beings on a spiritual journey? or

Are we spiritual beings on a physical journey?"

Welcome to The Seeking Light, also known as


Why the butterfly?

The promise of the Aquarian Age.




For over 25 years, Rebecca has worked with clients seeking information and guidance to better understand their lives.

She works with people on an intuitive level to more clearl name and clarify what is true for them. This can be very helpful in conjunction with the self exploration and knowing of self.

Readings can be specially helpful for:

  • Understanding complex situations that can feel confusing and difficult to see clearly

  • Touching more of your "truth" in choices involving people, places and life issues.

  • Gaining clarity about what is "true" in your life

  • Understanding energetic aspects of life and self that maybe confusing or troubling

  • Finding a level of stability and truth to guide your choices